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Watershed, Soil, and Air

Burned Area Emergency Response Treatments Catalog (BAERCAT)

Image of the cover of the Burned Area Emergency Response Treatments Catalog.The "Burned Area Emergency Response Treatments Catalog" (0625–1801P–SDTDC) provides information on the effectiveness of established treatments for hill slopes, stream channels, and roads and trails. The BAERCAT was prepared for soil scientists, engineers, hydrologists, archeologists, and other burned area rehabilitation (BAER) team members who assess the condition of burned lands or implement treatments.

The BAERCAT can be used to help design monitoring programs for treatments that have not been studied for effectiveness. Contract specifications for helimulching, road and trail treatments, and erosion control treatments are also included.

For additional information, contact Carolyn Napper, watershed specialist (phone: 909–599–1267 ext. 229; e-mail:

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