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Equestrian Design Guidebook

About the Authors

Jan Hancock—Hancock Resources LLC

Jan Hancock is an equestrian and author in private practice at Phoenix, AZ. She specializes in the design of equestrian trails, trailheads, and campgrounds, serving as a consultant for landscape architects, planners, land managers, and civil engineers. She has a bachelor's degree in education from Northern Arizona University and a master's degree in community education from Arizona State University. She has 12 years of experience as a college instructor in design and 15 years of management experience in marketing. Jan serves on numerous national, regional, State, and local boards for open space, parks, and trails organizations. She has served as the equestrian representative on the board of directors for American Trails. Jan is a member of the State of Arizona Governor's Council on Growing Smarter and the Phoenix Parks and Recreation board. She is a founding board member of the Arizona Trail Association, an organization developing the 800-mile Arizona Trail. Jan is the author of Horse Trails in Arizona. She credits her bay gelding, Partner, for always making the work of writing books about horses incredibly fun. Contact Jan at:

Hancock Resources LLC
805 North 4th Ave., Suite 703
Phoenix, AZ 85003
Daytime direct phone: 602–417–1216
Home office phone: 602–252–8387
Toll-free voice mail: 877–727–7117
Fax: 602–253–2789
Web site:

Kim Jones Vander Hoek, RLA—USDA Forest Service, Tonto National Forest

Kim Jones Vander Hoek is a registered landscape architect. She has a bachelor's degree in landscape architecture from Iowa State University, 5 years of experience with engineering and landscape architectural firms, and 18 years of experience with the Forest Service. The American Society of Landscape Architects, Arizona Chapter, honored Kim for her accomplishments during her tenure as association president. She currently serves as the forest landscape architect for the Tonto National Forest in Phoenix, AZ, designing recreation sites, transportation corridors, and scenery management projects. She has designed 12 recreation sites, including 3 campgrounds and 2 trailheads for equestrians and the largest Forest Service campground built to date. Kim learned sensitivity to the needs of horses thanks to her charming Arabian gelding, Flask. Contact Kim at:

USDA Forest Service
Tonto National Forest
2324 McDowell Road
Phoenix, AZ 85006
Phone: 602–225–5236
Fax: 602–225–5295

Sunni Bradshaw—USDA Forest Service, Missoula Technology and Development Center

Sunni Bradshaw is a visual information specialist at Missoula Technology and Development Center. She is a graduate of the Rocky Mountain School of Photography and has a bachelor's degree in recreation program management from the University of Montana. While attending college, Sunni cofounded several regional recreation organizations, drafted a comprehensive trail management plan for a National Recreation Trail, wrote a preservation grant for an historic ghost town, and worked at numerous guest ranches and outfitting camps. She and her husband helped manage several guest ranches, farmed with draft horses, and owned Montana Horse Logging. Sunni and Emmy Lou, a winsome sorrel mule, traveled extensively through wilderness settings in the Rocky Mountains. Before joining the Missoula Technology and Development Center, Sunni was a technical writer, photographer, and award-winning journalist. Her work—including articles, photography, layout, and design—has appeared in many local, regional, and national publications. Contact Sunni at:

USDA Forest Service
Missoula Technology and Development Center
5785 Hwy. 10 West
Missoula, MT 59808
Phone: 406–829–6765
Fax: 406–829–6745

James D. Coffman, RLA, ASLA—Coffman Studios, LLC

Jim Coffman is a registered landscape architect in private practice in Phoenix, AZ. He has a bachelor's degree in business management and administration from Indiana University and a master's degree in landscape architecture from Ball State University. He has 19 years professional experience focused on open space, parks, and multimodal planning and design. Jim managed parks and trails planning for the cities of Scottsdale and Phoenix for 12 years. He was the project manager for design and implementation of master trail systems covering more than 600 miles. Jim is a regional and national presenter at open space, parks, and trails conferences; serves as a lecturer on pedestrian audits for people with physical challenges and on xeriscape principles; and has a special interest in designing natural environments for the elderly. He is the president of the Arizona Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects. Contact Jim at:

Coffman Studio, LLC
2126 S. La Rosa Drive
Tempe, AZ 85282
Cell phone: 602–790–8311
Phone: 480–966–3822
Fax: 480–966–3885

Jeffrey Engelmann, RLA, ASLA—J2 Engineering and Environmental Design, LLC

Jeff Engelmann is a registered landscape architect. He has a bachelor's degree in landscape architecture from Iowa State University and is cofounder and vice president of J2 Engineering and Environmental Design, a 25-person engineering and landscape architectural firm in Phoenix, AZ. He has 24 years of professional experience with an emphasis on major public park, open space, trail, and transportation projects in the West and Midwest, specializing in public recreational projects for State, county, and municipal agencies. These projects include recreation master plans, multimodal trail corridor planning, streetscapes, sports complexes, bridge design and esthetics, entry monuments, pedestrian/bicycle/equestrian trail design, revegetation projects, urban revitalization, and urban plaza projects. Contact Jeff at:

J2 Engineering & Environmental Design, LLC
4649 East Cotton Gin Loop, Suite B2
Phoenix, AZ 85040
Phone: 602–438–2221
Fax: 602–438–2225
Web site:

Close up photo of a horse's muzzle.