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Equestrian Design Guidebook

Appendix K —English and Metric Conversions

  To convert from this unit To this unit Multiply by
From English to metric Inch Millimeter 25.4*
Inch Centimeter 2.54*
Foot Meter 0.3048
Square foot Square meter 0.093
Mile Kilometer 1.6
Square mile Square kilometer 2.59
Acre Hectare (sq. hectometer) 0.405
Pound Kilogram 0.454
Gallon Liter 3.785
From metric to English units Millimeter Inch 0.039
Centimeter Foot 0.0328
Kilometer Mile 0.62
Square kilometer Square mile 0.386*
Hectare Acre 2.47
Kilogram Pound 2.202
Kilogram Gallon 0.264

* These items are exact conversion factors for the units—the others give approximate conversions.