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Trail Construction and Maintenance Notebook

Figure 88

Drawings of the side and top views of cairns.

Drawing of the side view and top view of a cairn entitled 'Cairns'.

The image of the side view:

  • The height of the cairn is shown with arrows and labeled '900 mm (35 in)', and the width is shown with arrows and labeled '750 mm (30 in) min.'
  • An arrow pointing to a small rock with the label 'Do not use small stones wedged in cracks for structural support.'
  • Other text included is:
    • 'Use flat stones and overlap the joints.'
    • 'Slope stones inward.'
    • 'Use large stones to build the base.'

The image of the top view:

  • Two arrows pointing to the outside of a stone showing how the top stones cover those cracks is labeled 'Overlap all joints.'
  • The text 'Pack the center with rubble.' is also included.
  • An image of two stones piled resembling the shape of a duck is labeled 'Rock Duck'.

Other text included: 'Illustrations courtesy of the Appalachian Mountain Club's Trail Adopter Handbook.'