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New Faces

New Faces at SDTDC and MTDC

Photo of Ed Messerlie.Ed Messerlie joined SDTDC in March 2005 as a project leader in the forest management program. He received a bachelor's degree in forest management from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from University of Wisconsin-Platteville. As a seasonal forestry technician on the Arapahoe and Roosevelt National Forests, he conducted regeneration surveys, stand exams, and precommercial thinning. Ed prepared forest management plans and monitored contracts for the Colorado State Forest Service, spent a year as an owner/operator in timber harvesting and management, and worked as a consultant on forest management and inventory and monitoring projects. Ed is interested in building better software tools for forest and fuels management and in improving the efficiency of harvest systems. His other interests include alternative energy production and use.

Photo of Sunni BradshawMichelle (Sunni) Bradshaw became an MTDC career intern as a library technician in February 2006. Sunni is assigned to the Equestrian Design Guidelines recreation project. Previously she worked for MTDC as a contractor, researching and writing for fire, engineering, and recreation projects. Sunni holds a bachelor's degree in recreation management from the University of Montana.

Photo of Lance CollisterR.L. (Lance) Collister began working for MTDC in April 2004 as a temporary employee with the wildland fire chemical systems group. In April 2005 he became a physical science technician under an internship program. Lance holds a bachelor's degree in physics from Middlebury College and has worked for three decades in the private sector as a design engineer, technical project manager, general manager, and independent consultant. He holds six patents from his previous product development work.

Photo of Jacob CowgillJacob Cowgill began working as a Web designer at MTDC during 1998. He earned a bachelor's degree in fine arts with a minor in computer science from the University of Montana in 2001. Jacob is now completing a master's degree in environmental studies at the University of Montana.


Photo of Heather MatusiakHeather Matusiak joined MTDC in May 2005 as a temporary receptionist. In October 2005, she became an office automation assistant in the student temporary employment program. Heather is a senior at the University of Montana earning her bachelor's degrees in accounting, marketing, and international business.

Photo of Andrew McLeanAndrew D. McLean accepted a full-time position as a program analyst with MTDC after receiving his bachelor's degree in May 2005 from the University of Montana. He works primarily in the recreation and safety programs, while also serving as a contact for Information Resources Management. Andrew began working at MTDC in January 2001 in the student temporary employment program. In 2002, he entered the student career experience program as an information technology trainee.

Photo of Lisa Outka-PerkinsLisa Outka-Perkins started a career internship as a sociologist with MTDC in January 2005. She received her master's degree in sociology with an emphasis in criminology from the University of Montana in 2001 and had been working for MTDC under temporary appointment. The fire, recreation, and safety and health programs have been the focus of Lisa's most recent project work.

Photo of Joyce ShaferJoyce M. Shafer joined MTDC in September of 2005. As a warranted purchasing agent, she is responsible for procuring services and supplies up to $25,000.

Photo of Mary TrankelMary Trankel began working at MTDC in January 2002 as an information technology specialist and was promoted to Webmaster in November 2003. She had been a self-employed consultant since 1991, performing research, program evaluations, database management, and Web site development for numerous private businesses and Government agencies throughout Montana. Mary earned a bachelor's degree in sociology, with an emphasis in criminal justice, from Carroll College in 1980. She worked for 2 years in the criminal justice system as a deputy sheriff/community corrections specialist before starting her graduate work. Mary completed her Ph.D. in sociology, with special emphasis in criminology and applied research methods, from the University of Montana, Missoula, in 1991.

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