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Travel Management Regulation Training Available

SDTDC has created a training course to help Forest Service employees implement the Travel Management Regulation (36 CFR part 212) consistently across the country.

Photo of two men standing next to a motorcycle and a four-wheeled recreational vehicle in a forested setting.

This regulation requires all motorized vehicle use on a forest or grassland to take place on designated routes (roads and trails) and on small, sustainable areas that appear on an official map. This represents a major shift for most national forests and grasslands.

The course will provide standardized information in modules and interactive learning exercises. The course also references the Guidelines for Engineering Analysis of Motorized Mixed Use on National Forest System Roads (EM–7700–30).

For more information about the course, contact Jerry Ingersoll (phone: 202–205–0931; e-mail: jingersoll@fs.fed.us).

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