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Launching the Geotechnical Web Site

Technology sharing and communications play a key role in cost-effective geotechnical engineering. Michael Mitchell, SDTDC project engineer, and Mary Trankel, MTDC Webmaster, worked together to develop a geotechnical Web site on the Forest Service's internal computer network (http://fsweb.sdtdc.wo.fs.fed.us/geotech/).

At this Web site, geotechnical engineers can share innovative ideas and current information about geotechnical engineering. The site can also benefit other Forest Service employees working in civil engineering, geology, dams, hydrology, and other programs.

Information is organized into the following sections:

Graphic image of the GeoTech Web site page entitled: About This Site

About this Site

GeoTech Contacts




Graphic image of the GeoTech Web site page containing information about a GeoTech Project Case History.


Equipment, Tools, Supplies

Graphic image of the login page on the GeoTech Web site that allows authorized users to enter a password-protected administration area.The interactive design of the geotechnical Web site allows Web site coordinators to easily add, delete, or edit information without the need for Web programming skills. A special administrative area is protected by a secure login system. Once authorized, a Web site coordinator can easily add, edit, or delete Web site content by filling out Web page forms.

Share your geotechnical information or field experiences by contacting one of the Web site coordinators. Help make this site a success.

For more information, contact Mike Mitchell, project engineer (phone: 909–599–1267, ext. 246; e-mail: mrmitchell@fs.fed.us) or Mary Trankel, Webmaster (phone: 406–829–6726; e-mail: mtrankel@fs.fed.us).

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