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Safety and Health Training Made Easy

Safety and Health Training for Contracting Officer's Representatives and Inspectors (0567–2C04–MTDC) is a CD designed as supplemental training for Forest Service employees who administer contracts. This CD offers flexible, inexpensive training. Segments of the CD or all of it can be used by an individual or by a facilitator teaching a group of students.

Graphic image of the cover on the training CD entitled: Safety and Health Training for Contracting Officer's Representatives and Inspectors.

This training CD contains 171 PowerPoint slides that cover important topics including regulatory guidance, multiemployer worksites, OSHA standards, and contract language.

The CD can be used with other specialized courses to get a clearer understanding of safety standards prescribed by law (29 CFR 1910 and 1926).

This training can be viewed as a PowerPoint presentation at http://www.fs.fed.us/t-d/pubs/ppt_html/htm05672C04/ (Username: t-d Password: t-d).

Other safety training CDs that have been developed by the MTDC Safety and Health Program are Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA) Compliance Training Guide (0567–2C01–MTDC) and Occupational Safety & Health Training for Supervisors and Managers (0367–2C09–MTDC).

For more information on safety and health training available from MTDC, contact Gary Hoshide, program manager (phone: 406–329–1029; e-mail: ghoshide@fs.fed.us).

To order the CD, contact Cailen Hegman, MTDC publications (phone: 406–329–3978; e-mail: cahegman@fs.fed.us).

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