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Archeologists in the Southern Region Try Out the Heritage Digital Toolkit

When archeologists needed an inexpensive way to streamline data collection, SDTDC decided to develop a hand-held digital toolkit.

Photo displaying components of the Heritage Digital Toolkit: smart pad, GPS hat with antenna, laser rangefinder, GPS receiver, expansion pack, nexicam camera, automobile connector, and 5 point 0 gigabyte card.

The tech tip, Heritage Digital Toolkit: Final Report and User's Guide (0523–1305P–SDTDC), presents the results of 2 years of field tests. Employees at the University of Alabama's Office of Archeological Research and Forest Service employees from the Southern Region worked together on the toolkit. Dr. Kent Schneider, now retired, was the project leader.

For further information, contact Drew Selig, project assistant (phone: 828-257-4209; e-mail: deslig@fs.fed.us) or Rodney Snedeker, archeologist (phone: 828-257-4255; e-mail: rsnedeker@fs.fed.us).

To order the tech tip, contact Robin Schnepp, SDTDC publications (phone: 909–599–1267, ext. 235; e-mail: rschnepp@fs.fed.us).

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