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Injuries Prompt Modifications of Hydrant Handles

Visitors to Forest Service recreation sites in the Southern United States will be able to draw water with less chance of injury, thanks to MTDC's work determining how to modify the handles of older water hydrants. Thousands of older water hydrants are still being used.

Image of a modified hydrant. In this image a person has their finger pushed into the device, but is not getting pinched because there is room between the handle and the bonnet nut.

The tech tip, Modifying Water Hydrant Handles To Make Them Safer (0523–2348–MTDC), explains how MTDC modified the design of the Woodford MK-6 frost-free hydrant by milling metal from the handle. A parts list for maintaining the hydrant is included in this tech tip.

For more information, contact Mary Ann Davies, project leader (phone: 406–329–3981; e-mail: madavies@fs.fed.us).

To order the report, contact Cailen Hegman, MTDC publications (phone: 406–329–3978; e-mail: cahegman@fs.fed.us).

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