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September 2006
2300 Recreation | 2500 Watershed, Soil, and Air

Wilderness and Backcountry Site Restoration Guide

Lisa Therrell, USDA Forest Service Okanagan-Wenatchee National Forest
David Cole, Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute
Victor Claassen, University of California, Davis
Chris Ryan, USDA Forest Service, Northern Region
Mary Ann Davies, USDA Forest Service, Missoula Technology and Development Center

Photo of a group of Forest Service workers restoring a site next to a mountain lake.
This highly visible site at Snow Lake in the popular Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA, is recovering
remarkably well just 5 years after treatment. Site preparation consisted of scarifying the soil
and adding locally collected topsoil and organic material. Wilderness Manager Bill Sobieralski
directed a crew that planted the site with seedlings grown in the greenhouse and seeded it
with fresh local seed. An erosion control blanket made from aspen shavings helped retain soil
moisture and signaled to hikers that something was going on here. Hikers can still enjoy
lakeshore views when they rest on the rocky slab by the site.