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Fourth Video in the Personal Safety Video Series

Screen shot of the cover image on the video described in this article.

The video, Personal Safety in Remote Work Locations Module 4: Building Trust in Small Towns (0567–2V01–MTDC), describes common sources of conflict between the Forest Service and members of small communities. The video emphasizes how building trust is the most powerful tool employees have to protect their personal safety and shows steps employees can take if hostility is ever directed at them, their families, or their personal property. The tech tip, Personal Safety Awareness for Field Employees (0567–2317–MTDC), provides an overview of the video.

The personal safety in remote work locations video series helps employees cope with personal safety problems encountered while working with the public. Other videos in the series include:

For more information on personal safety awareness for field employees, contact Lisa Outka-Perkins, sociologist (phone: 406–329–3849; e-mail:

To order the video and tech tip, contact MTDC publications (phone: 406–329–3978; e-mail:

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