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Group Wins Physical Sciences Integration Award

A team of scientists and engineers led by Kim Clarkin, a hydrologist from SDTDC, won the Integration Group Award. The award was presented at the Advancing the Fundamental Sciences Conference in San Diego, CA, during October 2004. This award recognizes the work of USDA Forest Service employees toward integrating the engineering, earth sciences, and geology disciplines into management of public lands.

[photo] Aquatic Organism Passage Teaching Team Advancing the Fundamental Sciences Conference Award from 2004.

Clarkin's eight-member team, augmented by regional experts, has been presenting courses stressing habitat connectivity for 2 years. The training focuses on integrating fluvial geomorphology, hydraulics, hydrology, engineering, and biology to construct an artificial streambed inside a culvert or beneath a bridge. Properly designed artificial streambeds can adjust to varying flows like the surrounding natural streambed, allowing all aquatic species to pass through safely. The demand for these workshops continues, and the feedback ratings on course content and instruction are “excellent.”

Forest Service and U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management employees can access the Aquatic Organism Passage Web site at:

For more information on the Aquatic Organism Passage Project, contact Kim Clarkin (phone: 909–599–1267, ext. 209; e-mail:

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