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Facilities Inspection Guide To Help New Engineers

In the past, the USDA Forest Service paired inexperienced facilities engineers with seasoned facilities engineers. As budgets dwindle and the workforce is reduced, on-the-job training opportunities decrease. Now, facilities professionals are typically hired directly from college, from other agencies or firms, or from other engineering specialties. These professionals may not have the in-depth knowledge of building codes and issues affecting Forest Service facilities.

One of the most important duties performed by a facilities engineer is to ensure that appropriate maintenance is performed on Forest Service structures. Proper maintenance enables structures to meet the needs of staffs and visitors and ensures that the structures will realize their full service life.

The facilities condition assessment survey is the primary tool for identifying maintenance problems. The report, So That's Why It's Always Cold In Here: A Guide for Conducting Facilities Assessment Surveys (0473–2839–MTDC), leads engineering and architecture staff through the inspection process. This guide will shorten the time new employees need to become proficient in conducting facilities condition assessment surveys.

[image] Cover shot of a publication entitled, So That's Why It's Always Cold In Here: A Guide for Conducting Facilities Assessment Surveys.

The report offers an explanation of what a facilities condition assessment survey entails, and what to do with data collected during the survey. It also provides references to some existing “how-to” publications, recommended inspection tools, survey forms, and inspection specifics unique to the Forest Service.

For more information on conducting facilities condition assessment surveys, contact Kathie Snodgrass, project leader (phone: 406–329–3922; e-mail:

Forest Service and U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management employees can view this report on the Forest Service's internal computer network at:

Others can view the report over the Internet (Username: t-d, Password: t-d) at:

To order the report, contact Cailen Hegman, MTDC publications (phone: 406–329–3978; e-mail:

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