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Built Environment Image Guide on the Web

[image] Screen shot of the opening page for the web-based Built Environment Image Guide TrainingWhile there is no substitute for traditional training with other students, a new SDTDC Web site provides an easy way to learn about the Built Environment Image Guide. This guide offers an approach for designing recreation and administrative facilities that highlights key elements of the USDA Forest Service's national identity and image while ensuring that the facilities “fit” within their ecological, physical, and cultural surroundings.

The training information is organized into 10 chapters. Seven of the chapters are Flash movies, similar to automated PowerPoint presentations that are narrated; three of the chapters are videos. Each chapter is broken into segments for viewer convenience. Specific sections of interest can be accessed, skipped over, or repeated. Viewers can stop training and resume later where they left off.

USDA Forest Service and U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management employees can view the training on the USDA Forest Service's internal computer network at:

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