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A Better Way to Clean Recreational Sites

[photo] A man using a portable pressure washer to clean an out-building.A high-pressure, low-volume portable pressure washer can help clean recreational structures and toilets more quickly, efficiently, and safely than brooms, mops, and brushes, or high-pressure water pumped by a fire engine. A portable pressure washer also can help reduce employee contact with hazardous chemicals. SDTDC was asked to find a high-pressure, low-volume portable washer to help clean recreational structures and toilets.

The tech tip, Portable Pressure Washer for Cleaning Recreational Sites (0423–1305P–SDTDC), describes four skid-mounted pressure washers available from commercial sources that meet USDA Forest Service needs. The new washers slip on and off a pickup truck easily. Unlike fire engines, portable pressure washers are available during fire season.

Electronic versions of the tech tip can be found at:

For more information about portable pressure washers, contact Dave Erlenbach, project leader (phone: 909–599–1267, ext. 264; e-mail:

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