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New Web Guide to Help Obligate Funds

According to director of engineering, Vaughn Stokes, in the April 2004 Engineering Field Notes, the Forest Service supported fire with $120 million from construction accounts in 2003. Although supporting fire efforts is a top priority, the Forest Service is obligated to serve the public through funding a wide array of projects. [image] SDTDC operations resourse home page

The T&D program personnel developed a Web-based desk reference, e-Employment and Acquisitions Guide: Tools to Proactively Obligate Funds. It provides information on contracting and purchasing goods and services, and employing nonpermanent personnel. It should be used before contacting human resources and acquisition management.

Click on the Operations graphic on the SDTDC home page to access this guide.

For information, contact Connie Relph (phone: 909–599–1267, ext. 250, e-mail:

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