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New Fireline Pack

MTDC has developed a new fireline pack designed to be more comfortable to wear and [photo] new fireline packto address the ergonomic concerns of firefighters working on the fireline. Firefighters from many different agencies evaluated prototypes of this pack during the 2001 and 2002 fire seasons. Their suggestions were incorporated in the final design.

The pack can be adjusted to ride low, the preferred position while working on the fireline. The waist belt has hanger loops for attaching a radio, fire shelter carrying case, or canteen case. The fire shelter sleeve and the flap on the bottom of the pack fit the New Generation Fire Shelter and allow quick access to the shelter’s pull strap. Four 1-quart water bottles can fit in pockets that are positioned for easy access. The pack’s two fusee pockets will hold four fusees each. Pocket flaps fully cover the fusees, holding them securely and complying with the requirements for transportation of hazardous materials aboard Forest Service aircraft.

This improved fireline pack will enable wildland firefighters to carry their equipment more comfortably, reducing muscle fatigue and back problems. The packs are in the new General Services Administration fire equipment catalog and should be available in early May.

For more information on the new fireline pack, contact Tony Petrilli, project leader (phone: 406–329–3965; e-mail:

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