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SDTDC Forest Roads and the Environment Video Series Wins Three National Awards

Alan Yamada, SDTDC’s engineering program leader, Tony Edwards, SDTDC’s project leader, and Jerry Firth, the Boise National Forest’s engineering equipment operator foreman, won the 2003 Chief’s Technology Transfer Award for their video series, Forest Roads and the Environment.

This video project strengthened the reputation of the San Dimas center and the Forest Service as leaders in the development of technology for constructing and maintaining low-volume roads. The videos took highly technical information in the Water/Road Interaction Technology Series and translated it into practical techniques for the field. The result of this technology transfer will be cleaner streams and lakes, improved habitat for aquatic species, reduced road maintenance costs, and safer roads. The video series also helps road maintenance operators recognize that they are an essential part of accomplishing these goals.

[photo] trophies and awards

The Forest Roads and the Environment video series also received the 2002 Telly Award. This award originally was given to outstanding nontechnical commercials. It was expanded some years ago to include video and film productions. In the past 23 years, winners have come from many agencies, production companies, television stations, and cable operators, as well as from corporate video departments. The Telly is one of the most sought-after awards in the video industry.

In addition, the Forest Roads and the Environment video series received the 2002 Communicator Award. This award is recognition by communications professionals of the videos’ high standard of excellence.

For more information about the Forest Roads and the Environment video series, contact Tony Edwards, project leader (phone: 909–599–1267, ext. 235; e-mail:

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