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First Electronic Issue of Engineering Field Notes

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The first electronic issue of Engineering Field Notes (Volume 35, Issue 1) has been e-mailed to Forest Service engineering employees.

For the past quarter century, Forest Service engineering employees have used Engineering Field Notes to share their ideas nationally. The latest version is available online in an HTML format with Acrobat versions for printing. The issue includes two new columns: Engineering Bulletin Board and EFN Forum.

"We are being more efficient and saving precious funds by distributing Engineering Field Notes electronically, and we are meeting one of the Presidential Management Agendas: E-Government," said Vaughn Stokes, director of engineering.

Engineering Field Notes is posted on the T&D Internet site. Anyone who is not working on a Forest Service computer will need a username and password, which can be obtained by sending an e-mail request to:

The issue includes:

A Mandate To Work Effectively and Efficiently

EFN Forum

Landslide Computer Modeling Potential

Rapid Mapping of Active Wildland Fires: Integrating Satellite Remote Sensing, GIS, and Internet Technologies

Technology and Development Innovations Now on the Internet

Fish Passage in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, California, and a State Near You!

2002 USDA Forest Service Engineer of the Year Awards

2002 USDA Forest Service Engineering Special Recognition Award

Engineering Bulletin Board

2002 Engineering Field Notes Article Award Nominations

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