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New Aerial Application Equipment Guide

Forest management includes activities such as the control of detrimental insects, weeds, and diseases, along with the dispersion of seeds and fertilizers. To reach large tracts of remote, inaccessible terrain and reduce the high cost of manual labor, many work activities need to be performed from the air. Persons who plan aerial application projects need to address questions such as: Is the project more suited to helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft? What are the hazards if the chemical or biological agents drift from the project area? Is there a way to predict the spray pattern, deposition, and drift potential? Can the project be done safely and efficiently?

Drawing of an airplane with an aerial application system illustrated and annotated.

The Aerial Application Equipment Guide 2003 (FHTET–0302) was prepared by the Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team and the Missoula Technology and Development Center (MTDC), with the help of the aerial application industry. This guide is designed to give public land managers a broad overview of the guidance systems, aircraft, and other equipment used in aerial spraying. Pictures and schematic drawings show liquid and dry dispersal systems and their components. The importance of droplet size and the procedures for choosing nozzles that will produce the correct size of droplets, and the methods required to calibrate an aircraft’s spray system, are explained in detail. This guide also describes how to use global positioning system guidance and drift management computer models. The proper use of these tools will ensure that intended spray plots can be properly covered, while sensitive areas nearby, such as waterways and wetlands, are avoided.

Copies of the Aerial Application Equipment Guide 2003 can be ordered from Lisa Cress, program analyst (phone: 304–285–1563; fax: 304–285–1564; e-mail:

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