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Revised Work Capacity Test Administrator's Guide

Image of the cover of the Work Capacity Test Administrator's Guide.Work capacity tests are used to ensure that persons assigned to fire duties are physically capable of performing the work of wildland firefighting. Additionally, studies of wildland firefighting show a link between fitness and work performance. Beginning in 1975, Federal agencies used a 5-minute step test and an alternative 1.5-mile run to screen candidates for these duties.

The Work Capacity Test: Administrator’s Guide (0351–2805–MTDC), and the accompanying PowerPoint presentation, revise the administration of the work capacity tests to represent current medical standards and include a new health screening questionnaire. Both the guide and the presentation are intended for interagency personnel who will be conducting the pack, field, and walk tests. A video will be available soon.

The pack test for workers with arduous duties requires candidates to carry a 45-pound pack for 3 miles in 45 minutes. The test for workers with moderately strenuous duties requires candidates to carry a 25-pound pack for 2 miles in 30 minutes, and the test for workers with light duties requires candidates to walk 1 mile in 16 minutes. This guide supersedes Work Capacity Tests for Wildland Firefighters: Test Administrator’s Guide (9851–2810–MTDC). That document should be discarded.

The revised Work Capacity Test—Administrator’s Guide (NWCG PMS 307, NFES 1109), and the PowerPoint CD, Administrator’s Guide Presentation Overview (NFES 1111), are available through the National Fire Equipment Systems Catalog at:

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