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Streambank and Lakeshore Stabilization Guide

Image of the cover of A Soil Bioengineering Guide.Forest Service employees who construct and maintain water-related recreation facilities, including dispersed areas, roads, and trails can find advice on stabilizing a streambank or shoreline in A Soil Bioengineering Guide (FS–683P) recently released by the San Dimas Technology and Development Center.

The guide provides information for those planning restoration projects or who are interested in learning more about soil bioengineering stabilization techniques. Basic principles and background information on ecology and stream dynamics are included. Determining what is causing a streambank or shoreline to erode involves analyzing the local ecology of the water body and looking at the surrounding influences, natural and manmade, to determine the impacts they are having on the problem area.

For more information about bioengineering, contact Ellen Eubanks, landscape architect (phone: 909–599–1267, ext. 225; fax: 909–592–2309; e-mail:

To order a printed copy, contact Aaron Jones, SDTDC Publications (phone: 909–599–1267, ext. 201; fax: 909–592–2309; e-mail: or send a message including your name, title, and mailing address to:

An electronic version can be found on the Internet at:

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