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Technology and Development Reports on the Internet

A snapshot of the front page for the Technology and Development Web page.

Anyone with Internet access and a username and password can access electronic versions of the Technology and Development (T&D) Programís reports. These reports and other Web-based materials are on the Internet at: /cgi-bin/

The new site combines materials that have been available electronically on internal Web sites maintained by the Missoula and San Dimas Technology and Development Centers. Users can search for materials by title, author, year, key word, pub number, or program (such as fire or recreation).

Normally, Forest Service users accessing the Internet site from their offices will not need to log on. Everyone else will have to log on before using the site.

If this site could benefit your colleagues who work for the National Park Service, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, the Appalachian Mountain Club, or other organizations, let them know the siteís address: /cgi-bin/

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