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An Accessible Hand Pump for Campgrounds

A photo of the hand pump.

The Missoula center has designed and built an accessible hand pump that allows individuals with limited physical abilities to get their own potable water for drinking, washing, and other uses. This rotary hand pump complies with federal accessibility guidelines. It can be operated with just 5 pounds of force and its crank is easy to reach from a wheelchair. The pump is designed for shallow wells and works best where water is within 50 feet of the surface. The pump has a flow rate that is at least 1 1/2 gallons per minute. The accessible hand pump is designed to be used in Forest Service campgrounds and recreation sites, but it can be used at any site where water needs to be pumped by hand.

The first of these hand pumps has been installed at the Hogback Cabin at the Lolo National Forest in Montana for field testing and refinement. Five more accessible hand pumps will be offered free of charge to forests throughout the Nation. Initial response to the accessible hand pump has been positive. The Forest Service has applied for a patent.

For more information, contact Bob Beckley, project leader (phone: 4063293996, e-mail: or Tyler Kuhn, project assistant (phone: 4063293365, e-mail:

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