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Road Management Maintenance System

A photo of a group of people beneath a Forsite sign.

National Forests need a road maintenance management system flexible enough for a variety of road maintenance projects. The San Dimas center reviewed road maintenance management systems on 17 different forests from 6 regions.

After a review of off-the-shelf software, the center selected RoadTrack, developed by Forsite Forest Management Consultants of British Columbia. This software is designed for management of low-volume roads and should meet the needs of Forest Service managers. Forsite will customize the program so it can use existing data. The program can handle maintenance by force account, contract, and other government agency crews. It can be used in emergency situations, and it can reflect road segment and road user costs. Road maintenance activities can be graphically displayed through the ArcInfo software program.

RoadTrack will be evaluated in the field by:

For more information about RoadTrack, contact Misty Alvarez (phone: 9095991267, ext. 229, fax: 9095922309, e-mail: or Jim Bassel (phone: 9095991267, ext. 259, fax: 9095922309, e-mail

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