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Osborne Fire Finder Parts Source

A photo of a fire finder.

The Osborne Fire Finder has been used for nearly a century to pinpoint fire locations. Over the years, misfortune and vandalism have taken their toll on the few remaining Osborne Fire Finders. Fire lookouts have asked for a replacement parts source. Leupold & Stevens, Inc., the last manufacturer of the Fire Finder, has not produced parts for many years. The company no longer has casting patterns or production drawings.

The San Dimas center tried to find a source for new Osborne Fire Finders and replacement parts. The models produced between 1920 and 1935 differed mostly in minor modifications. Many of the parts are interchangeable. Comments from the fire lookouts helped the center determine which model to reproduce. The reproduction is similar to the 1935 model and shares most of its vulnerable components with the other models. A set of AutoCAD drawings has been created to document the preferred design, and casting patterns have now been fabricated. San Dimas will coordinate the orders for replacement parts and assemble the replacement Fire Finders. The pilot production run of two complete units should be complete by February. There is no minimum order quantity but there is a significant price break if replacement parts are ordered in lots of 12 or more.

For more information on the Osborne Fire Finder, contact Joe Fleming, project leader (phone: 9095991267, ext. 263, fax: 9095922309, e-mail:

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