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Take Care of Your Hardhat So It Can Take Care of You

The cover of 'Your Hardhat: Inspection and Maintenance' document.

The general service life of a hardhat is 2 to 5 years, but a hardhat won’t last that long if you don’t take care of it. The Tech Tip, Your Hardhat: Inspection and Maintenance (0267-2331-MTDC), has the latest information on hardhats. You will learn how to inspect and maintain the three components of a hardhat: the shell, suspension system, and chinstrap. The Tech Tip includes information on full-brim and cap-style hardhats. It also includes information on the limitations of hardhats and some additional restrictions on their use. This Tech Tip is available on the Internet at: /cgi-bin/ To order a copy of this Tech Tip, contact Jody Faircloth, MTDC publications (phone: 406–329–3978, fax: 406–329–3719, e-mail: For more information on the Tech Tip, contact Chuck Whitlock, project leader (phone: 406–329–3924, fax: 406–329–3719, e-mail:

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