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Backpack Archeology Screen

A photo of a worker using the backpack archeology screen.

Archeologists often have to backpack their equipment and supplies into remote areas. Once there, they search for artifacts using a screen mounted in a frame to sift dirt and debris. The traditional screen and its supporting frame are bulky and difficult to carry by hand. The San Dimas Technology and Development Center (SDTDC) created a lightweight, collapsible, compact aluminum screen that disassembles into a few main components for transport. Setup takes only a few minutes and requires no tools. The screens are easily replaced. Alternative screens of different mesh sizes can be rolled up and carried with the kit. San Dimas will fabricate the screens.

AutoCAD drawings of the collapsible screen are available on the Internet at: /cgi-bin/

For more information, contact Ellen Eubanks, project leader (phone: 9095991267, ext. 225, fax: 9095922309, e-mail:

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