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Watershed, Soil, and Air

Watershed, Soil, and Air Pubs

The T&D Watershed, Soil, and Air (WSA) program works to solve problems that extend across regional boundaries so that field units do not have to duplicate efforts on problems that are broad in scope. We work cooperatively with other agencies, industry, and organizations whose interests overlap with ours, and who can offer special expertise. WSA works on a variety of projects selected from proposals submitted each year by field personnel.

The Missoula Center handles T&D air quality projects. The San Dimas center handles the majority of soil and water projects.

Ideas for development projects can be submitted at any time by using a proposal form. The T&D WSA steering committee meets once a year, usually in February, to consider new proposals. New projects that are selected and listed in the spring issue of Currents and Profiles. Project proposals must address the following criteria. Here are the 2009 proposed projects.

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Andy Trent
Program Leader (MTDC)
(406) 329-3912

Dexter Meadows
Program Leader (SDTDC)
(909) 599-1267

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