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Recording Water Table Dynamics
Fred Cammack, Project Leader

This project developed an affordable device capable of recording water column height to an accuracy of an inch or better, that is easy to maintain and operate, and is capable of storing a years worth of data. Traditional methods can be used for finding the extent of fluctuation, but duration of water table at a depth is harder to define. Such a device would be an improvement benefiting both soil and ecological specialists, and have potential for nation-wide application. The current technology employed by the Forest Service to record water table dynamics does not meet the needs of organizations seeking a deeper understanding of soil dynamics.

There is nationwide interest in identifying equipment capable of recording water level in remote wells, without operator interface, at frequencies as short as one hour, for periods as long as one year. This project identified several commercial, off-the-shelf products capable of achieving these goals. The market search is summarized in a PowerPoint presentation that can be viewed by clicking this link Buyer's Guide and Final Project Report (.ppt). An accompanying PowerPoint presentation lists materials and describes a simple procedure for constructing tamper-resistant wells onsite. This presentation can be viewed by clicking this link Installation and Materials Guide (.ppt). These presentations are available in any format required by contacting: Ryan Becker via email at, or by phone at (909) 599-1267 x260.

Buyer's Guide and Final Project Report (.ppt)

Installation and Materials Guide (.ppt)