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George Broyles, Forestry Technician

Tabgen is a software program that allows users to query the Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) database to produce tables of forest survey results, including sampling errors, and view the data in various formats. FIA data is collected on all forested lands in the US. The Tabgen program was updated by the Northeastern (NERS) and North Central Research Stations (NRCS) with funding by San Dimas Technology and Development Center.

To learn more about FIA and the Research Centers click on the these links:

The objective of the Tabgen update was to provide increased functionality that will allow land managers to easily query the data and provide meaningful results to facilitate resource decision making. Tabgen has been updated to Visual Basic 6 and has been integrated into Oracle. The Oracle interface provides users the ability to develop queries to match their needs by allowing queries of multiple populations and various attributes. Users can choose attributes such as land ownership, species, age, and physiographic class to produce summary tables utilizing the full range of FIA data. The user can set page, row and column variables to customize the summary table. Tabgen is an internet based application. Online help is now available.

"TabGen: Estimating Tables Based on Forest Inventory and Analysis Data", can be found here: TabGen Documentation. This document describes the methods and structure that TabGen utilizes to estimate Forest variables.