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National Soil Quality Field Guide
Carolyn Napper, Project Leader

Objectives: Prepare and publish a soil quality monitoring field guide containing schematic and photographic examples of visually identifiable soil disturbance classes. The field guide will help soil scientists to consistently identify soil disturbance classes. Click on the link below to review the approved project proposal. Project Proposal

Project Status: Working with Regional Soil Scientists a schedule of field trips has been identified to obtain photographs of each soil disturbance class. A field trip to Region 5 in November, 2006 was successful in capturing a variety of soil disturbance classes associated with different mechanical equipment including cable-yarding, feller-bunchers, and log forwarders. Project Proposal

Field Visits in 2007
Region Time Frame Location Topic Contact
R-8 Feb – March, 2007 Coastal, Piedmont Mechanical/burn severity Emanuel Hudson
R-3 May, 2007 Apache-Sitegraves Mechanical Penny Luehring
R-2 May/June throughout summer Front Range Mechanical Tommy John
R-1 June, 2007 TBD Mechanical Sharon DeHart
R-4 June, 2007 Southern Utah, Cedar City Variety of equipment Jeff Bruggink
R-4 September, 2007 Utah, Salt Lake area Brush hog Jeff Bruggink
R-6 Mid June-July, 2007 Blue Mountain, Deschutes NF Mechanical Steve Howes

Soil Disturbance Classification Form: Use the attached hyperlink to access the soil disturbance classification form. This classification system was developed by Steve Howes and modified to have fewer disturbance classifications. The photo field guide will capture photos of each disturbance class in forests across the country.

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