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Compaction Monitoring Technologies
Carolyn Napper, Project Leader

Project Overview

Monitoring for soil compaction caused by equipment used in vegetation and fuels management has been done using one of several methods for years across the National Forests. Each method has advantages and disadvantages depending on monitoring objectives, frequency, soil considerations, and cost.

Many soil scientists and resource specialists become frustrated with not being able to easily locate information regarding soil compaction monitoring tool and methods. Considerable information is available regarding monitoring technologies but it is time consuming to locate and assimilate the latest information. The compaction monitoring technology project will consolidate information on tools and monitoring methods.

Project proposal submitted by Edward Huffman for FY 2007

Monitoring Tools and References

Assessing Risk of Compaction (Brent Roath, R-5 Regional Soil Scientist)

Harvest Systems and Strategies (Mike Curran, British Columbia)

Evaluation of Methods Used to Assess Changes in Forest Soil Quality (Steve Howes, R-6 Regional Soil Scientist)

Quick Start Monitoring Manual (Volume 1) (USDA-ARS Jornada Experimental Range)

Monitoring Manual (Volume II) (USDA-ARS Jornada Experimental Range)

Hand-Held Electronic Cone Penetrometers for Measuring Soil Strength (Gary Kees, Missoula T&D)

SoLo Information on Soil Monitoring for R-1 in conjunction with RMRS

Examples of Monitoring Plans from Forests

Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit Soil Monitoring

Soil Monitoring for the Herger-Feinstein QLG Area

PowerPoint Presentations

Iron Canyon Monitoring Part 1

Iron Canyon Monitoring Part 2

Common Soil Compaction Monitoring Tools

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