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Resource Data GUI
George Broyles, Forestry Technician

This project is seeking to determine the need to provide a tool to supply information in a meaningful and efficient way by developing a user-friendly interface to make plot data more visual and easier for resource managers to understand. A PC user will be able to query either summarized or raw data from within a Graphical User Interface linked to the spatial elements. Clicking on a plot symbol (or strata symbol) from an ArcView session will display a variety of data elements (tables, graphs, photos, simulations) depending on the type of analysis being performed. The user will not need special training in GIS or FIA data processing, simply the ability to point and click on a plot location. This will improve the presentation of FS resource information.
San Dimas T&D Center is currently working with Forest Service developers and industry to investigate current and future software applications that will provide the necessary tools to meet the requirements of this project.

Status: This project is complete.
With the release of the Geospatial Interface 1.0.1 the Forest Service has an easy to use tool available for resource managers and all GIS users to view and query core resource information in a GIS environment.