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Inventory & Monitoring


The Inventory and Monitoring (I&M) Program was developed as a result of a partnership between the Inventory and Monitoring Institute and the National Technology and Development (T&D) Center at San Dimas (SDTDC) to facilitate the development of technology specific to inventory and monitoring of natural resources of the National Forests. The I&M Program's projects are typically of a national scale.

I&M projects address the technologies most needed by Forest Service personnel to meet their challenge of inventorying and monitoring a wide variety of forest natural resources in an efficient and effective manner. The emphasis is on practical solutions to current problems. T&D does not conduct basic research. T&D solicits proposals from Forest Service employees or partners that are consistent with the purpose of the I&M program. Proposals are reviewed, prioritized, and selected by a national Steering Committee for work in the upcoming Fiscal Year.

The T&D mission is to systematically apply scientific knowledge and advanced technology to create new or substantially improved equipment systems, materials, techniques, and procedures to meet the challenges and objectives of today’s forest ecosystem management practices. The purpose of the program is to assist Forest Service employees and cooperators, in doing their work more efficiently, effectively and safely, through the development of advanced technology.

I&M projects of interest to:

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