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George Broyles, Project Leader

The purpose of this project is to identify the proper procedures necssary to efficiently and accurately bring GPS data into the Forest Service GIS infrastructure i.e. ArcView or ArcGIS, and preserve the integrity of this data.

GPS data is being collected for a variety of purposes in the Forest Service. The quality of the data is often critical to the successful excution of the project.


Once GPS data is collected it must be brought into the Forest Service Geographic Information System (GIS) for it to provide useful information to resource managers and the public. As this data is brought into the Forest Service GIS environment it becomes corporate information and should be preserved in the same manner as other Forest Service information.

The Project Links on this page will bring you to documents or web sites that provide information on exporting GPS data to the Forest Service GIS. Currently we have information for Trimble and Garmin GPS equipment.

Data collection can be expensive and time consuming. Due to the importance of collecting the highest quality GPS data possible, we have placed links to current information on the factors to consider to assure the best results when gathering GPS data. This information can be found at the Critical Settings link. Missoula Technology and Development Center has tested numerous GPS units under various field conditions. Their work has documented the differences in GPS equipment and accuracy. For information concerning GPS accuracy please visit the Missoula T&DC GPS page.

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