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GIS Map Point Generator
George Broyles, Forestry Technician

This project will develop and distribute and ARC extension that will allow users to generate random points within a polygon during an ARC session. This will provide a tool to assist in the placement of inventory plots such as Common Stand Exam points in forest stands. The random point generator will have the following characteristics:

  • Generate random points within the selected polygon
  • Allow the user to set a specified distance between points
  • Allow user to set the desired number of points in the selected polygon
  • Save the theme for the project file
  • Export the point coordinates for use as waypoints in GPS devices
  • Allow users to set buffer distances from objects within the polygon such as roads, streams, and site boundaries

Status: This project has been completed.

Programming was accomplished by the Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team (FHTET). You can download this routine and the User Guide from the FHTET Geostatistics web site at: Sampling Routines