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Barcode Technology

George Broyles, Forestry Technician

This project will research available portable barcode scanners that can be attached via a cable, SDIO slot, or linked wirelessly to handheld computers. Research will include evaluation of the various types of barcode scanners available and a description of software development kits available for writing code to create and store the barcode scanners input.

Project work will include researching label and printer options. Labels will be tested in the Center's environmental chamber to determine their ability to withstand heat, cold and moisture. The labels will also be applied to applied to different materials to test their ability to adhere to wood, metal, and plastic.

Several different types of scanners are being evaluated including:

Missoula Technology & Development Center has produced a publication that provides the information needed to assemble a bar code tracking system. You can read the report here: Assembling a Bar-Code Tracking System. If this link does not work, do a search at (username: t-d, password t-d).