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Forest Operations Textbook

Harvesting Process Questions—Test Yourself

  1. What is the most dominant method used for felling timber on steep terrain?
    1. Chainsaw
    2. Tracked Feller-Buncher
    3. Steep Terrain Harvester
    4. Axe

  2. Which two steps of the harvesting process are combined when using a harvester in a cut-to-length system?
    1. Felling and Extraction
    2. Processing and Loading
    3. Felling and Processing
    4. Processing and Extraction

  3. Which method of extraction is NOT considered part of a ground based harvesting system?
    1. Clam Bunk Skidder
    2. Animal Power
    3. Cable Yarder
    4. Grapple Skidder

  4. Which of the following is NOT used as a method for extraction of felled trees from the forest area to the landing?
    1. Forwarder
    2. Harvester
    3. Shovel
    4. Cable Skidder

  5. Which piece of machinery incorporates both the loading and trucking steps of the harvesting process? (answer)
    1. Truck-Tractor with Semi-Trailer
    2. Trailer Mounted Loader
    3. Knuckle Boom with Heel
    4. Self Loading Truck

  6. What is the most effective piece of machinery for processing trees at the stump?
    1. Processing Head
    2. Chain-Flail Delimber
    3. Saw-Buck
    4. In-Woods Chipper

  7. What is the purpose of a 'heel' on a loader?
    1. Keeps the shoe from falling off
    2. Stops it from falling over backwards
    3. Provides extra lifting force
    4. Stabilizes the logs that are being lifted

  8. When is it beneficial to transport logs on a pole trailer?
    1. When transporting logs that will be turned into poles
    2. When transporting mainly tree-length material
    3. When transporting material that is 16.5 feet long
    4. When transporting logs to the north or south pole

  9. Which piece of machinery is NOT used for the transportation of wood to the mill?
    1. Straight Truck
    2. Self-Loading Truck
    3. Helicopter
    4. Truck-Tractor with Semi-Trailer

  10. In order, what are the five steps of the harvesting process (for the majority of operations)?
    1. Felling, Processing, Loading, Extraction, Trucking
    2. Extraction, Trucking, Processing, Loading, Felling
    3. Felling, Extraction, Processing, Loading, Trucking
    4. Processing, Felling, Extraction, Loading, Trucking

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