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Forest Operations Textbook

Logging Cost Calculator

Hank Sloan, PE RLS Logging Engineer 1977-2003
Contact: with questions

This calculator has been developed to assist the logging planner with developing alternative logging system selections.

It has incorporated my 25 years experience in the logging engineering field and will demonstrate the timber and terrain variables that affect logging costs.

Awareness is the first step in exploring the right logging system for a particular job, be it tactical or strategic.

One size fits all, the cresent wrench approach, does not lead to reduced costs and reduced impacts, see associated documentation.

This can be installed on a Pocket PC and used in the field, if when you print your results you can't see all the numbers change your text size to smaller, click the ? for more info.

Logging System Selection  
Tract Acres
Total MBF
Avg Cut Tree, bf
Log Plan Avg Yarding Dist., Ft. Avg Yarding Slope, %
Trucking Number of trucks Trailer loads/ truck day
Skid/ Forward Trail Trail, ft Skid Road, ft CY/sta
Reveg $/ac
Haul Road Plan Feet CY/sta tn/mi
Drain $
Skyline Logging Plan Inputs Yarder Sets Skyline Roads Tail Trees

manual fall, limb, top mbf/manday mech fall mbf/day
Production MBF/day ton/day
Limited by to MBF/day

Costs $/MBF $/ton
Reveg - total ac
Skid Rd
Truck Rd
Move In & Out