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Spark Arrester Guides

Trevor Maynard, Project Leader

The Spark Arrester Program is administered by the USDA Forest Service, San Dimas Technology and Development Program. The objective of the program is to qualify spark arresters used on public land inorder to reduce fire starts from exhaust systems. The information provided is for the guidance to cooperating Federal, State, and local agencies. A spark arrester listed in the guide is qualified only if it is properly mainted and has not been modified. The use of trade, firm, or corporation names in this publication is for the information and convenience of the reader and does not constitute an endorsement by the USDA Forest Service of any product or service to the exclusion of others that may be suitable.

2012 General Purpose and Locomotive

Download Full PDF (23MB)

2012 Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV)

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2012 Multiposition Small Engine (MSE)

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