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Fire and Aviation Management (F&AM) Program of the National Technology and Development Program is an engineering and technical resource for fire managers and wildland fire fighters. The NTDP Program provides a systematic application of scientific knowledge to create new or substantially improved equipment, systems, materials, processes, techniques, and procedures to meet the objectives and challenges presented to fire managers and firefighters.

The F&AM NTDP Program manages both long and short term projects. Long term projects such as Standards and Specifications for Fire Equipment or Smokejumper Delivery Systems are based on continuous need. Short-term Steering Committee projects are developed from needs that have been identified as a national priority by the F&AM NTDP Steering Committee. These projects take from 1 year to 4 years to complete. Lifecycle projects are continuous improvement initiatives to better fire equipment. All fire equipment managed under the National Wildfire Coordinating Group-National Fire Equipment System has specifications. These specifications are maintained by the NTDP Program and reviewed approximately every five years. Any new technology that improves the equipment is considered for implementation. Technical Services (Operational Support) projects are short duration, one year or less, that address an immediate need.

Accelerated Tech Transfer
Get Involved – Ongoing Field Tests and Evaluations
Submit Ideas

There are two ways to submit ideas to improve wildland firefighting equipment and or process:

Project Proposal - For Forest Service or other federal, state, or municipal agency cooperators only. Project proposals are reviewed, evaluated and ranked every year at the Fire and Aviation Technology & Development Program Steering Committee.

Innovation Process - For public submission. The submissions are reviewed by subject matter experts as received. The Submission Guide, forms are available at the website. Proposals may be submited electronically at the same website.


Ralph Gonzales, Fire Program Leader – San Dimas NTDP Center

  • Technical Services
  • Specifications and Standards
  • Aquatic Invasive Species - Fire Equipment Decontamination
  • Cargo Delivery Improvement
  • Chaps Update
  • Effects of Wood Smoke Exposure on Cardiovascular and Respiratory Inflammatory Markers
  • Fire Hose Washing
  • Fire Shelter Improvement
  • Fire Technology Needs Review
  • Firefighter Smoke Exposure
  • Fireline Accessories
  • Foam Disinfection
  • FS-14 Parachute Improvements
  • Fuel Transport Training Website
  • Gel Evaporation and Effectiveness Study
  • Good Fireline Lookouts
  • Ground Application of Gels
  • Handtools
  • Hardhat Review
  • Helicopter Rappel Equipment & Procedures Continuous Improvement
  • Hot Loading Video
  • Improved Rope & Descent Device
  • Improvement to SHIPS Monitoring System
  • Invasive Species Mitigation Strainers
  • IR Technology for Ground Pattern Detection
  • New Parachute Technologies
  • NFES Catalog Revision
  • Parachute Service Life
  • Retardant Penetration through a Canopy
  • Smoke Effect on Cognitive Function
  • Smokejumper Aircraft Accessories
  • State-of-Weather Camera
  • Stationary Asset Monitoring
  • Test Potential Injury from Patches Stencils, Silk Screen on Flame Resistant Garments
  • Thermoregulatory Effects of Wildland Firefighters Uniforms
  • Vehicle Burnover
  • Wildland Fire Powerline Protocols
  • Wildland Fire Smoke Exposure Limits
  • Wildland Firefighter Health & Safety
  • Wildland Firefighter Protective Clothing

Past Projects