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T&D Pub NumberTitleAuthorProgramYear
0723 2816 Equestrian Design Guidebook for Trails, Trailheads, and Campgrounds Hancock, Jan ; Vander Hoek, Kim K. Jones; Bradshaw, Sunni ; Coffman, James D.; Engelmann, Jeffrey Recreation, FHWA 2007
0723 2806 Trail Construction and Maintenance Notebook: 2007 Edition Hesselbarth, Woody ; Vachowski, Brian ; Davies, Mary Ann Recreation, FHWA 2007
0723 2329P Trail Bridge Rail Systems Groenier, James Scott Recreation, FHWA 2007
0623 2824P A Guide to Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Trail Bridges Groenier, James Scott; Eriksson, Merv ; Kosmalski, Sharon Engineering, Facilities, Recreation, Travel Management, FHWA 2006
0623 2341 Building Mountain Bike Trails: Sustainable Singletrack Davies, Mary Ann; Outka-Perkins, Lisa Recreation, FHWA 2006
0623 2320 Improved MTDC Trail Rake for ATVs Kuhn, Tyler ; Vachowski, Brian Recreation, Travel Management, FHWA 2006
0523 2810P Handtools for Trail Work: 2005 Edition Hallman, Richard G. Recreation, FHWA 2005
0371 2809P Asphalt Paving of Treated Timber Bridge Decks Eriksson, Merv ; Wheeler, Homer ; Kosmalski, Sharon Engineering, FHWA 2003
0223 2821P Managing Degraded Off-Highway Vehicle Trails in Wet, Unstable, and Sensitive Environments Meyer, Kevin G. Recreation, FHWA 2002