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Yuan, Susan ; Maiorano, Brian ; Yuan, Michael ; Kocis, Susan M.; Hoshide, Gary T.. 1995. Techniques and Equipment for Gathering Visitor Use Data on Recreation Sites. 9523 2838. Missoula, MT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, National Technology and Development Program.

Collection and analysis of recreation use data are explained in this paper. Part I explains how to design a statistically valid sampling plan. Basic statistical sample design and analysis is outlined. Retrieval and use of a computer program, RECUSE, is explained. This program will select a random sample of days, determine appropriate sample size, and statistically describe the survey results. Decision keys in Part II assist managers in selecting the most appropriate technique and equipment for collecting recreation use data. The pros and cons of using various equipment are summarized. Use of techniques and equipment is explained in detail for indirect nonstatistical methods of data collection, traffic counters, personal observation, cameras, registration stations, visitor surveys, mandatory permits, fee receipts, and other indirect count methods. Conversion of raw recreation data into report format is explained in Part III. Information includes calculation of activity duration factors and recreation visitor days. Appendixes (A-G) contain forms for recording recreation use data.


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