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Beckley, Bob . 2012. T&D Snippets—The Crosscut Saw Filer. 1223 2S16. Missoula, MT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, National Technology and Development Program.

The Crosscut Saw Filer

By Bob Beckley

The crosscut saw is a traditional tool that provides a safe and effective way to fell trees, buck logs, and clear trails in designated wilderness areas and in other forested and backcountry settings. In this presentation, a companion to the "Crosscut Saw Manual" (7771–2508–MTDC), nationally recognized crosscut saw filer and expert Warren Miller explains the intricate details of filing crosscut saws and the proper use and maintenance of filing tools. This closed–captioned, 2–hour DVD also includes the documents, "Crosscut Saw Manual," "Saws That Sing: A Guide to Using Crosscut Saws" (0423–2822P–MTDC), and "New Tools for Old Saws" (0523–2815P–MTDC). The presentation may be viewed using a DVD player or computer, while the documents may only be viewed using a computer.

The DVD can be ordered by calling MTDC at 406-329-3978 or by sending an e-mail request for DVD number 1123-2D03 to

Keywords: ax, axe, backcountry, back-country, bucking, chain saw, chainsaw, cross cut saw, crosscut saw, felling, Gibbs jointer, long jointer, raker gauge, saw filing, saw hammer, saw sharpening, short jointer, spider, straight edge, traditional skills, trails, wilderness


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