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Library Card

Beckley, Bob . 2012. The Crosscut Saw Filer. 1123 2D03. Missoula, MT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, National Technology and Development Program.

In this presentation, nationally recognized crosscut saw filer Warren Miller explains the intricate details of filing a vintage crosscut saw, the tools involved, and the proper use and adjustment of these tools. This closed-caption, 2-hour DVD is a companion to the "Crosscut Saw Manual" (7771–2508–MTDC). The "Crosscut Saw Manual" also is included on this DVD, along with the publications "Saws That Sing: A Guide to Using Crosscut Saws" (0423–2822P–MTDC) and "New Tools for Old Saws" (0523–2815P–MTDC). The Warren Miller presentation may be viewed using a DVD player or computer. The publications may only be viewed using a computer.

The DVD can be ordered by calling MTDC at 406-329-3978 or by sending an e-mail request for DVD number 1123-2D03 to

Keywords: ax, axe, backcountry, back-country, bucking, chain saw, chainsaw, cross cut saw, crosscut saw, felling, gibbs jointer, raker gauge, saw filing, saw hammer, saw sharpening, short jointer, spider, straight edge, traditional skills, trails, wilderness