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Library Card

Groenier, James Scott; MTDC Staff, . 2011. Accessibility and Recreation Projects. 1123 2D01. Missoula, MT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, National Technology and Development Program.

This DVD is a collection of the most-requested reports and tech tips on accessibility and recreation produced by the Missoula and San Dimas Technology and Development Centers. The materials are available as HTML files and as Acrobat (PDF) files that can be viewed electronically or printed.

Keywords: Acrobat, all-terrain vehicles, axes, boating, bridges, cattle guards, CDs, chain saws, collections, crosscut saws, docks, electric fences, gates, geosynthetics, handpumps, handtools, horses, mountain bike trails, off-highway vehicles, packstock, PDF, picnic tables, preservative treated wood, recreational facilities, reports, restoration, rigging, riparian areas, signs, tech tips, trails, training, vehicle washers, wilderness, wood preservatives