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Wolf, Jerry . 2009. T&D Snippets—A New DVD for Employees Who Work Along the United States-Mexico Border. 0923 2S08. Missoula, MT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, National Technology and Development Program.

A New DVD for Employees Who Work Along the United States-Mexico Border

By Lisa Outka-Perkins

The Missoula Technology and Development Center has developed a personal safety training program to help land management employees who work along the United States-Mexico border. Drug smuggling and illegal immigration are two issues that employees face in the border area—the land 100 miles north of the border from San Diego, CA, to Brownsville, TX.

The 90-minute DVD "Working Along the United States-Mexico Border" captures the knowledge and skills of Federal and State employees who have years of experience working near the border. The DVD has three modules: Module One—Understanding the Situation, Module Two—Protecting Yourself, and Module Three—Fighting Fire. Additional documents for viewing on a computer also are included.

Employees with access to the Forest Service's computer network can order the DVD online at HTML Search for "border." Anyone can order the DVD by calling MTDC at (406)–329–3978 or by sending an e-mail request for DVD number 0823–2D11 to

Keywords: DVD, fire fighting, firefighting, illegal drugs, illegal immigrants, Mexican border, mission deflection, personal safety, safety at work, sexual assaults, smuggling, theft