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Wolf, Jerry . 2008. T&D Snippets—The Crosscut Sawyer. 0823 2S12. Missoula, MT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, National Technology and Development Program.

The Crosscut Sawyer

By Bob Beckley

Crosscut saws are experiencing a revival not only in designated wilderness areas but in other backcountry settings. These traditional tools offer a safe and effective way to fell trees and buck logs when they are properly used and maintained. The 43-minute "Crosscut Sawyer" DVD shows experienced sawyers sizing up trees, evaluating situations, making safe sawing decisions, and pointing out common mistakes that occur during sawing operations. This DVD is a companion to the Forest Service Chain Saw and Crosscut Saw Training Course. For Forest Service saw certification, field testing is also required.

All materials used in the training course—the instructor and student guidebooks, PowerPoint presentations, field exercises, and additional information—are also included on this DVD. While the extra materials won't be available when the DVD is viewed on a standard DVD player, they are available when the DVD is opened in a computer.

The DVD can be ordered by calling MTDC at 406–329–3978 or by sending an e-mail request for DVD number 0723–2D02 to

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